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Lefkada's Information:

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Facts about Lefkada:

Lefkada's area is 335,8 square kilometres.
Lefkada enjoys mild mediterranean climate, hot and ideal for swimming in the summer months (especially in July and August) but quite rainy in winter season.

Economy key sectors is tourism, olive oil, local products, viticulture, fishing and trading.

Olive trees, vines, vegetables.

Lefkada's famous villages:
Englouvis is world famous for its lentils.
Nydri (or Nidri) was the favorite village of Aristotle Onassis.

Unique aromatic plants and herbs in mountainous and seaside areas in Lefkada.

The capital of Lefkada municipality is Lefkada town that is located northeast of the island.

Previously known as Agia Mavra or Santa Maura (Black Saint) from the church of Santa Maura, which was built by the Franks during the 13th century namesake epithalassio fortress.
From the excavations made ​​by the archaeologist Dörpfeld - who claims that Lefkada is the real (Homer) Ithaca of Odysseus.

Lefkada has 27.938 residents as a province and the island of Lefkada 26,183 inhabitants (census in 2005).

Lefkada is the island with its 190 km coastline, with unparalleled beaches and the sea in the shade of turquoise.
It is the fourth largest island in the Ionian Sea and is situated between Corfu and Kefalonia.

An important feature is that Lefkada is the island with very easy access and the connection with the Etoloakarnania needs no ship, but the help of a small bridge that the island owns.
A narrow strip of sea, the Corinthians first dredged in the mid - 7th century BC separates the island from Etoloakarnania.

The Name:
Lefkada owes its name to the Cape Lefkata, which in antiquity was called the “Lefkas Petra” (white stone) or "Lefkas Acra" (White Accra).

Twenty - four large and small islands strewn in the sea and form the Prefecture of Lefkada. All this litle archipelagos, the diversity of landscape and its peculiarities, is a challenge for everyone to explore.

We wish you: Have a nice trip and your best summer holidays in LEFKADA!

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We thank the Prefecture of Lefkada for their support and for providing us part of the documentation.

Lefkada's air dried salami - Traditional product Lefkada's dried salami
Mantolato - Pasteli from Lefkada, Lefkas, traditional product, Mantolato - Pasteli
Lefkada's wine, traditional product Lefkada's wine
Lentils from Lefkada - Englouvi's Traditional product Englouvi's Lentils

Local and traditional products of Lefkada:

In Lefkada you can buy:
Local wine, honey, sausages and delicatessen, mantolata, lentils and traditional handmade needlework.

• Local wine in Lefkada:
On the island of Lefkada in altitude of 200 - 700 meters rarely grown grape variety in “Berjami” from which is produced and fine local wine called Vertzamo.
Other known wine varieties in Lefkada is “Giomatari” (black sweet wine), “Keropati”, white wine and “Lagkero” variety, which is soft and light wine, but also the well known variety “Vardea”.
Viticulture in Lefkada has always been one of the most cherished and profitable agricultural activities, especially in the mountainous areas of the island.
You can buy local wine of Lefkada from some wine shops especially in the rural cooperative T.A.O.L. located in the capital city where you can find many other traditional products of Lefkas.

· TIP:
We loved the variety of wines in “LEFKADITIKI GI” (means: Lefkada's Earth) especially the rose wine (check their official site here).

• Extra virgin olive oil and olives:
The climatic and geologic conditions on the island favor the production of excellent olive oil. To buy local olive oil you can contact the main agricultural cooperative in Lefkada producers in selected shops around the island.

• The Lentils of Englouvi:
The Englouvis lentils is a worldwide unique product. For its uniqueness, has excelled in many exhibitions and a sample of it is stored in the UN and Syria to the International Agency for Research on Dry Areas (ICARDA), carrying the code ILL293.
It is 100% natural - organic and good-looking superior product from the mother land of Englouvi. The Englouvi's lentils are cooked according to the traditional recipe and stands out for its unique flavour and texture.
It’s easy boiled, completely free of any chemical and is an ideal food for all ages.
Visit Englouvi's Lentils official site here

• Excellent quality honey of Lefkada:
Usually Thyme honey, with excellent flavor and texture that is sold by local producers but also small shops and mini market throughout Lefkada. Also in recent years has established that honey festival (held in 2010 in the village Dragano village) which includes:

· Representation of vintage bee,
· Exhibition of honey producers products and
· Local honey treats to visitors.

Immediately after the traditional honey festival follows a feast with traditional - folk music.

• Mantolato and Pasteli from Lefkada:
The Lefkaditian Pasteli (sesame) contains honey, sugar, almonds, sesame seeds, cinnamon, vanilla and glucose. The Lefkaditian Mantolato (Nougat) contains honey, sugar, almonds, glucose, egg yolk and vanilla. They are both very tasty products and worth a try in your visit to the island of Lefkada or get buy them as gifts to your loved ones.

• Lefkada 's traditional salami, sausage and delicatessen:
Try the famous local "Salami" (sausage) in Lefkada to find the island.
There are many local producers from whom you can buy traditional Lefkaditian salami with excellent, maybe a little spicy flavor.
The production of this famous delicatessen is based on a process - essentially manual - which uses fresh pork with salt and black pepper while before consumption requires the maturation of which lasts from 8 to 18 days depending on weather conditions.

· Also in Lefkada, it worths to taste:
Traditional pies, sweet pumpkin pie, traditional bobota (sweat bread), tyrokoulouro (cheese rounded bread) with foil or pastry, Oil cookies and oil pie, riganada (bread with olive oil and oregano - especially as an appetizer) and various fresh fish cooked in traditional ways such Palamidi cooked in the tile etc.

Lefkada's main town Lefkada's main town
Lefkada | town's bridge Lefkada | town's bridge
Lefkada's daily life Lefkada's daily life

The main town / city of Lefkada:

• History:
The capital of Lefkada, successively moved from the area Koulmos in the Castle of Santa Maura (from the first decade 14th century) and in 1684 by the Venetian Morosini, in the plain of vehicular, where it is today.

• Now:
The capital town is surrounded by charming water mirrors:
The channel and the lagoon.
There mirrored the colorful houses, the dark green mountains, the sky.
North of the thin circular line of the beach of Gira with few trees and windmills, but coalesced interrupt the view of the vast Ionian.

The urban fabric follows the planning of medieval Europe.
The development plan prepared by the Venetians say reminiscent of herringbone and is the historic city center.

The Lefkaditian structural system is unique in Greece and Europe, a representative sample of exceptional seismic construction.

Traditional colorful houses and churches (basilicas) decorate the narrow streets, along with vivid colors and fragrances of flowers that getting out of the gardens and the flower pots.

• THE MARINE PORT IN LEFKADA (city capital):
One of the more recent acquisitions of Lefkada is the marina port, the most modern in Greece on the east side of the town.

It has 500 boat anchorage capacity and the building of facilities have:

· Control Tower,
· Multipurpose Building,
· Marine Group,
· Office buildings and shops,
· A small 3* Hotel,
· Repair and maintenance of vessels unit,
· Spacious car parking,
· Winter sites with accommodation capacity for 300 boats and recreational areas.

The total length is 1,700 meters, the wharves and the floating docks length 940 meters.

Vlicho in Lefkada Vlicho in Lefkada
Vassiliki's port Lefkada Vassiliki's port Lefkada
Saint Kiriaki Nidri Lefkada Saint Kiriaki Nidri Lefkada

The EAST SIDE of Lefkada:

The eastern side of Lefkada is mild and gentle, with a developed tourist infrastructure.
Here you'll find many sandy beaches, where the sea is calm and its depth is shallow.
Sheltered bay ideal for sailing supplies, taverns run by the sea and the opportunity to enjoy the tourist water sports, is generously by nature here.

Kariotes village, the Ligia village, Nikiana, Perigiali, the touristic Nidri, Dessimi village, Poros, the Sivota (with good fish taverns) and the touristic Vassiliki village, are villages attracting each year more and more visitors.

The most developed tourist village that overlooks the eastern side of Lefkada is Nidri.
Every summer full of tourists will find in Nidri modern hotel facilities, restaurants or taverns, nightclubs, water sports and wonderful views of the bay and the surrounding area that surrounds the seaside village.

Facing the bay of Nidri smaller and larger islands scatter (known as Prigiponissia).

Madouri island property of the family of famous greek poet Valaoritis, Scorpios and Sparta properties of Aristotle Onassis, Skorpidi island, Meganissi island (the Homeric "Tafion Island), and the peninsula of Agia Kyriaki (with the homonymous small church) where is buried the German archaeologist scholar - Wilhelm Dörpfeld, according to whom Lefkada claims the title of Homer's Ithaca.

The coastal village of Vassiliki that has been touristic developed, managed to retain the charm and its beauty.
It has one of the most famous beaches - in the world - ideal for sea sports and especially for wind surfing.

• The "Prigiponissia" (Princess islands):
The "Prigiponissia" (Prince Islands) in Lefkada is a cluster of islands located on the east side of the island, in perfect view off the scenic and tourism - sea side Nidri and Perigiali village. This cluster of islands including the prince islands of Lefkada: "Meganissi' (the largest island of all the other), famous "Skorpios" (the island of Aristotle Onassis which was recently bought by the Russian billionaire Dmitry Rybolovlev), Scorpidi island (also owned by the Onassis family), Sparta island and Madouri island (Valaoritis family property - hosting the manor house where the great Greek poet Aristotelis Valaoritis lived), the Xeloni (turtle) island and the Tsokari (clogs).

Lefkada's festival and traditional events Lefkada's Filarmoniki band
Lefkada's festival and traditional events Lefkada's Filarmoniki band
Lefkada's festival and traditional events Lefkada's Filarmoniki band

Attractions - Local Traditions and events of Lefkada:

• Archaeological Museum in Lefkada:
The Archaeological Museum is located in Lefkas town, housed in the Cultural Center of the City of Lefkada.
The findings presented in the museum span from the middle Paleolithic era (20 to 35 BC) to late Roman times.
The museum exhibits in a room of finds from the excavations by German archaeologist Wilhelm Dörpfeld, who developed the theory that the island is Homer's Ithaca and even devoted a large part of his life to the necessary excavations on the island (to prove his theory).
In this archaeological museum of Lefkada you will also see tools, ceramics, bronzes, jewelry and gems tombs mainly from the ancient Nirikos, Nidri, the Choirospilia in Evgiro and the cave in Fryni.

Archaeological Museum Telephone: (0030) 26450 21635.

• The Phonograph Museum of Lefkada:
In a small side street near the main street in old town (in Lefkas) is the small private museum with old phonographs, records, tools, rare traditional utilitarian and decorative objects, coins and postcards era.

Phonograph Museum - Tel.: (0030) 26450 21088.

• The public library in Lefkada (capital city):
Housed in the neo-classical building (former home of the family Zoulinou) and has a large number of publications (books, etc.) and accommodates rich collection of mostly post-Byzantine icons Ionian technotropias.
The public library is located in Lefkada city.

• Lefkada's Castle of Santa Maura:
The castle of Santa Maura, which was protected by the first decade of the 14th century till 1684 the capital of the island and it was the defense against would-be pirates and other enemies.

• Faneromeni's Monastery and Museum of Religious Art:
The Monastery of Madonna's Faneromenis (revealed) is outside the village Frini and just 4 kilometers from the town of Lefkada.
The Museum of Religious Art in various exhibits from 1479 through the integration of Lefkada the independent Greek state in 1864, from temples and monasteries of the island.
The Faneromeni 's Monastery however, is one of the most beautiful monasteries in Lefkada.
Great monastery, built on the site which in antiquity was the temple of Artemis.
It's considered to be the church that protects the island of Lefkada.
The miraculous icon of Our Lady Faneromeni located in the monastery, built by Benjamin Kontrakis Athos monk in 1876 at Mt.
Worth a visit anyway for the beautiful grounds of the abbey and stunning views back to the town of Lefkada.
From the well-known festivals in Lefkada is the feast of the monastery is each year the Holy Spirit, which brings together many pilgrims and tourists.

• The waterfalls in Lefkada (in Dimossari village - close to Nidri village):
Just 4 km away from the tourist village Nidri Dimosari, are the "Cascades of Lefkada".
Follow the yellow signs on a path of incredible natural beauty Nidri (also by the car) arrive at the beginning of the path (where the only café - bar will find) to the waterfalls.
You need to wear shoes that slip easily because that beautiful ride through the canyon, may at some point be dangerous - if you do not watch your steps.
Although the summer waterfalls don't have plenty of water, the beauty of the landscape and the route worth your visit.
Indeed often some adventurous visitors can dive the waters forming a small waterfall and get themselves fresh before returning back.

• Lefkatas Akrotiri (Lefkadda's cape) in Vassiliki village:
The west coast of Lefkada in a small street from the Basilica, reaches the Cape Verde Blank or Kyra or Niras (in the pronunciation of native) where it was in ancient times the temple of Apollo, who according to mythology, he founded the companion of Ulysses Lefkos.
In the steep cliffs of the ancient times human sacrifices were made, but the legend like the fall of the Cape white as liberating the erotic passion.
According to this myth of Sappho falls from where the waters of the Ionian Sea, to be freed of the unfulfilled love for Phaon.

• Lefkada 's Saint Nicholas island:
The beautiful island of Agios Nikolas favorite place Angelos Sikelianos near Acarnanian Principles.

Other attractions in Lefkada:

Also important to mention that according to many visitors, some of the main attractions are in Lefkada and beautiful beaches.

• Festivals and traditional events in Lefkada:
In Lefkada except the feast of the monastery Faneromeni (each year in the Holy Spirit day). 7 July is celebrated with a feast in Nidri of Agia Kyriaki church (photo) from where visitors can travel by boat in the miraculous special eponymous abbey.
It is also worth noting that the top of the hill on the edge of the peninsula Vlycho, over the picturesque church of Agia Kyriaki is the tomb of the German archaeologist Wilhelm Dörpfeld (who developed the theory that the island is Homer's Ithaca and even devoted a large part of his life to the necessary excavations on the island - to prove his theory).

• Holy Week's traditions and Easter celebrations in Lefkada:
The Holy Week before Easter in Lefkada different tradition and festives are taking place: On Good Friday evening, is the main city street leading to the traditional - Venetian style central square, the procession of the Epitaph accompanied by the Philharmonic.

The Holy Saturday - early morning, women come to their windows - especially in the town of Lefkada and throwing a clay pot, the dish called "track" on the road. Fly "Track" is, a fragile container or object that is pieces.
The broken pieces of the pot should be left on the ground and do not picked them up on the same day. The "piece" - according to lefkadian tradition is thrown to break the sorrow and mourning of Holy Week.
Then, by striking the bell, comes the Philharmonic in the main streets of the city and playing songs.

On Easter Sunday we all gather with friends and favorite relatives and eat goat or lamb on the spit.
An old custom in Lefkada island (which still exists even today in certain houses) is celebrating the Monday after Easter with the same pomp, only then the lamb is cooked in the traditional village bakery.

Lefkada's Egremni beach Porto Katsiki beach
Lefkada's beaches Lefkada's Porto Katsiki
Famous beaches of Lefkada Greece Lefkada's Perigiali beach

popular beaches for swimming in Lefkada:

Some of the most beautiful beaches in Europe located on the west coast of Lefkada.
Amongst them is Egremni beach and the world's famous Porto Katsiki beach.
Other beaches where you could swim in this beautiful island are:

• Kastro beach:
Located in a small distance between Lefkada's capital town and Santa Maura's castle.

• Ai Gianni beach:
Organished Beach. Located within walking distance from the capital town (Lefkada), next to the castle of Santa Maura.

• Pefkoulia Lefkada's beach:
Beautiful, long beach with crystal light blue water. Located on the road to Agios Nikitas village.

• Milos beach:
Beautiful beach - not well known, near Agios Nikitas village.
The easiest way to visit this beach is by small boats, making this a trip daily (early in the morming) from the the picturesque harbor at Agios Nikitas.

• Kathisma beach:
Beautiful beach organized with umbrellas and sun beds to the largest part.
The water is wonderful but deepens abruptly.
Also quite often the kathisma beach can have many waves and caution should be on children or elderly people who do not know good swim. Cafe - Bars, restaurants and a tavern can be easily reached by the beach.

• Beach Egremni:
Beautiful and unique beach on the western island of Lefkada.
The access road is not easy (narrow dirt road) and arriving there must be enough skaliagia off the beach. If all this sounds a deterrent, consider to visit this great beach with a small boat from Vassiliki village (daily) or Nidri.
It worths the trouble!

• Porto Katsiki beach:
He has distinguished as one of the 4 best beaches in the Mediterranean. Beach with golden sand, turquoise water, imposing cliffs and deep sea.
Porto - Katsiki beach is organized with small cafe - bars.
Sunbeds are not easily found as the beach is not suitable for this.
Sandy beaches, clear waters, beaches that sometimes the trees reach up the coast, sometimes the rocks cut them violent and dominating.
An amazing beach of Lefkada's island!

Despite all these on the east side of Lefkada you will find beaches with calm waters, ideal for families with young children or people who can't swim well .

Such beaches you will find in Nikiana village, in Perigiali (Passa beach in slightly cold waters except August), the beach between Perigiali and before Nidri overlooking the islands Madouri, Scorpion, Cheloni (Xeloni island).

Water sports lovers will be absolutely happy in Lefkada because there are ideal beaches for surfing or Kitesurf in Vassiliki village (in front of the homonymous village) and Gira beach (just outside the town of Lefkada town) or try the paratrike in Kathisma beach.

Also from Vassiliki village you can swim in the beautiful little beach Agiofili from where you can get to quite easily (by a small boat from Vassiliki's port).

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